This page will feature research and learning from the PRIMED programme's activities in Bangladesh.


In Bangladesh, where rapid economic progress toward lower-middle-income status has not been matched by growth in public-interest media, PRIMED is working with the sector overall to help improve ethical standards and support local coalitions to advocate for media freedom.

PRIMED is supporting media partners to develop stronger audience insights and more professional and relevant content, more efficient production, and broader offerings across multiple, revenue-generating platforms.

This approach makes the case for media in the public interest as key to economic viability, contributing to a future in which media outlets may be financially independent and less prone to co-option.

The Media Viability Workshop presented how the Gramer Kagoj transitioned their business model into digital as a response to the needs raised by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The panel included an introduction to the media landscape in Bangladesh, as well as the newspaper as a whole.

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