Brave New Media podcast

New episodes from Season 2, featuring the stories of media in Indonesia, Tanzania and Ethiopia as they candidly discuss their distinct and sometimes contrasting approaches to serving the public interest. are available here.
Brave New Media is a podcast featuring journalists and editors from around the world working to remain independent while working in fragile spaces. It explores the challenges faced by the media environment and what needs to happen so that it can become a tool that contributes to the public good. In each episode, a founder of a media outlet will share their experiences and the hardships that they have encountered. The themes range from disinformation to funding and audience engagement. Experts are also included in order to determine what needs to happen to ensure that we construct a healthier media ecosystem. The first three episodes feature pioneers in public interest media from Lebanon, Ukraine, and Paraguay.
The first episode features Daraj, an Arabic-language start-up based in Beirut, one of the most censored media landscapes in the world.
Brave New Media is available on Simplecast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon (all links lead to third-party sites).
Produced by Holy Mountain for BBC Media Action. Brave New Media is part of Protecting Independent Media for Effective Development (PRIMED), a media support consortium led by BBC Media Action.
PRIMED is funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.
In this space we will publish podcast episodes. Stay tuned.
Listen to the trailer for the podcast here.
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Listen to Season 1 episodes here.
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