Season 1

The first episode features Daraj, an Arabic-language start-up based in Beirut, one of the most censored media landscapes in the world.

The first episode, Season 1, 'Steps to Independence with Daraj' is available here.

The second episode features the husband-and-wife team behind Zaborona in Ukraine, Roman Stepanovych and Katerina Sergatskova. Staff at this well-known independent online media outlet have had to turn into war reporters almost overnight, documenting atrocities as they live through them, dispelling misinformation and rumours and sharing critical information, even as the rest of the world begins to lose interest. The BBC's Allan Little reflects on their experiences.

The second episode, Season 1, 'On the Frontline in Ukraine' is available here.

In the third episode, Brave New Media heads to Paraguay to hear Jazmin Acuna’s story. Jazmin tells us about the struggles and breakthroughs of El Surti, a digital media platform that she co-founded to challenge the grip of the co-opted mainstream media over Paraguayan communities. El Surti uses striking graphic design to better reach audiences on social media.

The third episode, Season 1, "Taking on the Algorithms" is available here.

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